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Poetic: The Day I Was Completely Devastated and Perplexed


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It was the 13th day of october 2009.
I sat on the ground, beside a highway.
Thoughts ravaged my little brain.
Everything was in topsy-turvy.
So perplexed and so into unanswerable questions. Read the rest of this entry


Re: Naijastories (SHATTERED)


The rule was that each contributor, wrote a story centred on a WRITING prompt.
Stories to be submitted must not be more than 100 words.

As usual, I took up the challenge. Here Read the rest of this entry

Agony Of A Barren Woman.


It was in their fifth year without a child after their white wedding.

Love and passionate affection made them overcome wariness and mockery from outside and within their church congregation.
This prompted Pastor and Mrs. Ibem for child adoption.

With her darling’s assertion Ifeoluwa brought home two kids of her choice from a motherless home.
Who would have imagined unrest for the once lovely couple? Read the rest of this entry