May be in a far continent.
The kind of Emy D Cosmoe have never be discovered here on our planet earth.

Born in the North central of Nigeria, this young talent is ready to take up the challenge of writing into the very heart of every unique breathing creator.

He has stood up to introduce a new lexical writing.
On his thinking bed, he came up with a new word coined from his name “Cosmas”.
After sleepless nights, he came to terms that the meaning of ‘Cosmas’ remains ‘the universe, especially when it is thought of as an ordered system.

Following the above definition of ‘Cosmas’ by Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, from its new 8th edition.
Emyo felt he can’t write with such a universal system,
He broke the record and founded a new unique system of lexical writing.
He called ‘COSMOE’ unique as against ‘COSMAS’ which was universal.

A mix genre writer.

Don’t be in a haste to know all about COSMOE.

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