Joke: Okpeh Vs Akpos! Who Badt Pass.


Akpos have been parading himself around town as the most badt guy on the street until he met Okpeh.

Okpeh, titi, Ukwu and Apkos all wanted to know who among them had the most smelling mess they all contributed #100 each so that the winner goes home with #400.

Everybody except Okpeh left the room to eat all kind of rotten beans so as to make the odour of their mess ‘very-highly-polluting’.
They came back to meet Okpeh messing loud. “Pruuuuuuuukpeh kprehhhh”
They all ran out to check if they was a problem with the toilet, suck away or maybe Okpeh had swallowed a whole cheat from the toilet.


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