The Fate Of A Twist


Recently, I wrote in an interactive Novel on a friend’s blog. Here is the amazing story I wrote for her

Dark skinned, tall with a pair of sky blue eyes on a smooth baby face perfectly seated on a long slim neck, pumped out of a beautiful broad shoulder adored with a portable set of breasts, whose perky nipplescould be seen enticingly fitted on a flat tummy with a nice curve pointing downwards to a straight leg, made Stella Qliforst the most beautiful staff of the State Security Service. She worked under the Criminal Investigating Department.

At intervals she brought out a complimentary card given to her earlier in a beer parlour where she had gone out with her best friend and colleague to mark the beginning of their annual leave together, to check the address on it properly.

She straightened her silk blouse for the umpteenth time. Posed sluggishly but stylistic at any glass window that caught her appearance, she smiled to herself each time she did such.

Her dark blue silk blouse tightened to the flesh left viewers with no option but to compliment her. Her curved hips, loaded behinds that exposed the lines of her panties without apology were all appreciated by those who saw her.

After she had covered a short distance, she was able to locate her destination. ”yea! busted!” she shouted and pointed to a duplex out of sheer excitement.
She looked back at her screaming self and realised how stupid she had been to have shouted so loud.
She was going to see that nice and smooth talking guy she had met in that beer parlour. She wouldn’t have ignored a complimentary card dropped on her desk by that hasty but nice guy. It was her annual leave and she had thought to herself that it was time to get into a new relationship for her demanding job will never offer such opportunity again till another 12 months.
”I am lucky, that guy fell for me instead of my friend” she thought.
She opened the gate and seeing no gateman around, catwalked towards the duplex that gazed at her beauty.
It was a twin building, like a flying bird with a single block between its feathers.
She made her way to the entrance situated at the single block between the feather like blocks.
She knocked at the entrance door, but no response came so she opened the door to see Grace Padavathon well seated and served orange juice.
”shon sire” Grace mimics a ‘chest out’ to her best friend and colleague. ”ha! cut that crap.” she waved her hands to ignore her salute ”what the hell are you not doing here?” she asked in disappointment. ”hey! No harm intented, he is our friend. Or weren’t we both invited together?”
”Then why did you come alone?” Stella asked.
”Why not take a seat, he will soon be here…he went to sort things out with his friend”.
She sighed, let herself drop onto a leather sofa and pointed to Grace ”look, don’t be silly, he is mine. Okay?” she murmured slowly keeping an eye on the entrance door. For a moment both girls were silent. Suddenly Grace bursted into a heavy laughter that she couldn’t control but joined her in a very long laugh that arose and fell in tempo at certain intervals.
‘I promise, he is yours’
Grace finally admitted
”I have dreamt about a nice time outside that office o, i cant wait anymore”
she said while moving over to sit on the cool neat tiles, relaxing her back between Grace’s thighs to watch an opera dance unfold its message on a large plasma TV.
”i love this dance”
”yea, we are really missing out on all the fun in that ever busy office”
”sure, we missing a lot of fun in the society”
” wait a minute, has he called you?”
”hell no, i don’t want to talk about him, not here dear”
”then, i’ve got a sad news for you”
”office news? Keep it”
she shifted away from her a little bit to show she wasn’t interested.
“well, he called off our leave”
with a shock Stella sat up.
”Tell me it is a joke”
”i can’t joke with such, we are reporting back to the department tommarow morning”
”but why now, as in, you and i know it’s going to be another blow on our relationship, does these officers really care about us?”
”a case came up…”
she paused as the door flung openned.
”wahoo, and who am i hosting here”
Dickson said as he openned his hands wide for Stella who just joined Grace, but
Grace flew into those openned hands while she answered him
“I’m having the second of a hug from you today. Would you permit me to have Stella in my arms?”
Stella was so happy she was recognized, ‘dem, this dude is a man in deed’ she said into her heads, jumped up for a new fresh hug as demanded and ‘i will do it again, wahoo this man is cool’ she feared she must have voiced that out, but nobody heared it.
“stella you are welcome to my moon” Dick took her by hands to sit beside him. “meet my friend, Mark and Mark here we are with the two damsels have always told you about”
“hmm so you knew i was here with you” Mark said with laughter in his cheek.
“of course i knew we walked in together. Meet Stella my…” he placed his arm around her neck in search of the appropriate word to use. He continued in a low vioce “mine…” he rolled his eyebrows that met a huge laughter from everybody, cleared his throuth he went on to say “isn’t she beautiful?”
“a queen, indeed” Mark chipped in, as he couldn’t help the laughter this scene caused him anymore, he clapped his hands together, then Grace added “and you guys aren’t any bad…” haven voiced that out, the tempo of the laughter increased so that she was coughing on Marks laps
”sure…you guys are cute” Stella confirmed.
Dick jerked up ”my bad…” they was silence for a while. ”forgive my manners, what Do you drink?” everybody was surprise at his action, that nearly killed the fun.
”what is in that cup?” Stella points to her friend’s cup.
”fresh orange juice” Dickson responed. ”that will do” he waved Mark to follow him as he walked into the kitchen to make some fresh orange juice with milk for her.
While in the kitchen, Mark said
”i know it is painful how some innocent student have to die for your quest…but we can’t just seat and watch Mr. Atang promoted above us”.
”Mark” Dickson called with a low voice, placed his palms on his neck and he continued.
”the must painful aspect, isn’t the innocent student but the blood on our hands”
he looked closely at the door to make sure non of those girls eavesdrops on their discussion. ”look, we must finish this fight” he hurriedly concluded.
”i had to mash Praise to death after she gave you the file that contains the committees report on promotion and demotion recommendations, we cant afford to share this secret with any one. but here we are…that little brat didn’t die” Mark said in pains.
”We must go to the hospital to sympathies with her…you know what i mean?”
”coded, she will not see the light of another day.”
Mark went to check on the door, the girls where still watching the opera dance on the TV.
Dickson filtered the juice into three glasses which he took to the central table.
”juice is ready everybody” he shouted on top of his voice, inviting the girls.
”i already have mine” grace teased her cup up.
They drank in laughter, and discussed alot of issues ranging from Akpos jokes and who the real akpos is, to his real personality and why all jokes made is nolonger funny without Akpos been a character.
Alot of funny discussions, they also discussed politics but it was boring as everybody had same view towards the visionlessness of the Nigeria leaders, they had this view of wasted resources and unplanned policies enacted only for the benefits of the rich.
A phone rang, it was Pet Williamson calling Dickson, ”excuse me, my proprietor on the phone” he pressed the green button and ”is Mr. ATang, yet to resume work in the college?” came the voice at the other end.
Mark signaled him on what to say ”have called him, but he has been rejecting my calls” he coughed as he completes the statement and the voice at the other end seized without adding any other word. The girls weren’t bothered about the call but the manner both guys jumped up to dance at the end of the call.

Moses looked at the case file and smiled, to him it will not be a mistake of fact to indict the owner of an ATM CARD found right at the entrance door to a burnt house.
The atm card was found in a wallet that contained no money but a lighter presumed to have been used to ignite the fire that burnt down the building and killed some innocent students.
He stood up and walked forward from behind his table to speak with his colleagues. ”all we need is a capias mittimus of which i have here, so why not we go ahead to arrest whosoever owns this atm card?” his words was so loud that it penetrates the four walls of the criminal investigating department but fall on deaf ears…just the keyboards of his colleagues PC typing away his voice with a fast clicking sounds that transmitted his voice into a visual order. ”police discovery, individual complaint and from detective cross examinations of vicinity habitants, all exhibit points to just one man”
he paused to give a very mean look at his colleagues
”this one man, we already have his data must be brought to book, for attempted murder and final execution of intention”
he clapped his hands together as he said ”i want to thank each and every one of you for a job well done… I leave the rest to your intelligence…Grace, Lawal and Stella, I’m sorry your official leave off was terminated for the success of this case, we need to present results…yes i cant do it alone, its time to walk together again.

************************In absence, but seated will all coordinators of senses. Imaginations fought intelligence, fear made away with clear interpreters of impulsive situations in a bony shell which covered Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, Anaxon, Dendrites, Amotors, Thalamus and Brocas which where all ready to explode.
The imaginations sent in by Dendrites passing through Anaxon, brought to the Amotors a funeral settings and a court sittings at the same time.
Brocas not able to make any word from those visions broke protocols and reported directly to Hypothalamus which contracted all the facial cell molecules to course him headache with a very scary appearance and a shock to realities.
Openning his eyes where police men seated on his chairs. ”welcome back to this world” Stella greeted.
”perhaps, its too late to regret your deeds now” Grace added and in a soft tone Lawal said ” i feel your pains, but there is always a legal way to put things right” he walked up to his head up and flashed him a search warrants ”am inspector Lawal A.T, from the state security service” he pushed the now confused
Man back unto his chair as he started work immediately, he searched all angles and read almost all papers he came across, while Stella and Grace cross examined the confused man who was confessing he knew nothing about the little girls death and has nothing to do with it when Lawal came back with a condom box found on a dining table and a phone with the face of the young girl on its screen found hidden at the back of his TV.
”you, lier…molested and attempting to kill that little girl wasn’t enough for you, you even went ahead to steal her phone”
”nooooo!!!” the man shouted, it was now done on him he was in trouble, he stood up to protest and maybe explain how he got the phone when Grace forced him back to his seat ” and how will you defend this in court” she raised and referred to the ATM card found in a wallet containing a lighter proported to have been used to ignite the explosives that burnt the house. ”oh, that?” he cleared his throat repeated to supply dry saliva to the drained saliva in his mouth. He sat up and managed to wear a little smile then he continued ”my missing son would have left home with that atm”
”missing son!!?” exclaimed Stella in surprise.
”Yes!!, but i pray he is not a victim, just like the little girl” he added.
”are you telling us the truth?”
”i and his mother have been waiting patiently for his arrival”
”hmm” Grace interuped ”i put it to you that your missing son, if truely missing is the perpetrator of all this crime, he must have left this ATM at the spot after setting the building ablaze”
” lier!!!” an angry voice interrupted her.
” i was never missing. I was never there, i did not set any house ablaze”

”they is trouble” Grace informed somebody on the other end of her phone.
”trouble?” the respondent asked. ”What has happened to Stella?” he asked further but Grace never to said more, the respondent got worried after some minutes of conscious silentness from his caller, he then asked ”were are you”
”am on a ride to your house, wait for me” she finally spoke and ended the call.

Dickson, walked round his sitting room uncomfortably, thinking of the possible reasons for such an urgent call from Grace, what is she up to, he taught within himself and decided to call Mark to watch his back for him. Its a coded way of asking somebody to hang around your house to monitor movements while you remain in your house.
After he called Mark, he openned wide the entrances to his sitting room but moved into his toilet and made sure it was perfectly locked.
His pulse grew higher by the minutes as he peeped through a hole on the toilet door.
Grace moved in gallantly and went straight to the bed room. Dickson openned the toilet door silently confirming from Mark that she came alone, followed her into the bed room.
Grace without looking back at him placed on his fore head a voiceless steel pistol, Dickson was shocked by such an action for a while. He made no move, but surrendered to her.
”let me have your gun” Grace said to him, without him to process her request. She turned around and searched his waist and recovered a gun from him.
”put your ass on your fucking bed” she commanded. He obeyed her instructions, as he went carefully to the bed. Grace pulled off her white tshirt, and started giving a romantic pose. She made advances to touch Dickson but the young man was so scared to even say a word, just running cycles ontop of his small bed.
”now listen, here with me is two memory card. A formatted card on the one hand and a video of you as a murderer” Dickson stood up immediately and taught within himself if he was dreaming. ”i got them from my office, i work with the state security service” it was now clear to him, he was in trouble, so shocked to his bone that he knelt on the bed pleading by rubbing his two palms together.
”you will be a free man.” she said to him. The pronunciation of ‘free man’ forced ”thank you sir” out of dicksons mouth. Nothing amused Grace more than intimidating her victims, watching them plead ‘sir’ when she is not a man. ”i will destroy it” she said.
”thank you sir”
”but, you must make me trust you. I know you love Stella” she stood up to and her bra fall off, exposing the two wonderful stimulants she had in abundant, while she continued ”you must let her go” Dickson on hearing her last instructions was so pleased that he trapped his fear and bounced on her, falling on the bed, together they noticed a familiar lady walking out of them.
They both stood up to read the note she dropped.
”do the best you can, but you both will rot in jail”
it was Stella leaving the room in disappointment.


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