Akpos and Ekaeta have been playing on a mattress,
When Akpos carelessly asked ‘WHO IS GOD?’
Sure, he needed an answer.
Hilarious Akpos.

Akpos; who is God?

Ekaeta; If you ask me, who will I ask?

Akpos; come on, no idea?

Ekaeta; Okay then. Who created you?

Akpos; must you always behave like an African that you are? don’t answer my question with a question. Will you?

Ekaeta; alright, what was your question?

Akpos; You just ask me a question again. Okay who is God?

Ekaeta; Who created you?.

Akpos; was I created? did He give birth to me and the universe?

Ekaeta; How do you think He can give birth to the universe? Don’t you have a mother or father?

Akpos; Then, save me the time and tell me who the hack is God?.

Ekaeta; Tell me what you have imagined about Him?

Akpos; Have you also not imagined in wonder how and who created Him?

Ekaeta; Well, haven’t The White talked about the blast?

Akpos; haven’t you read from the bible about Creation?

Ekaeta; if all religions accepted the ‘Creation theory’, but only disagrees on the later Doctrines and Beliefs….Don’t you think they are all wrong? Why didn’t the Reviewer of the creation theory, review to our Chief Priest the. Ideal Doctrines and Beliefs?

Akpos; All Wrong? Well, don’t you think nobody reviewed anything? ‘Beliefs’ are merely imaginations, compiled all over history, perfected by the unknown, and passed unto you and I to believe on. Don’t you believe me?

Ekaeta ; But, do you believe after God and the Biblical ‘WE’, the world started with one man and a woman?

Akpos; its fallacy, HOW and WHO created GOD and the WE?.

Ekaeta; they will tell you not to question the Spirit, are we dumb?

# ‘Cosmoe Belief’ walked in#

He’d eavesdropped on their whole discuss.
After brief silence, to show the surprise of his appearance.
He joined the discussion.

Cosmoe Belief; neither are we dumb nor Afraid.
The truth is that ‘God’ is a name given to any unknown, when they are numerous, it is called gods.
We human came to terms that ‘God’ [one but powerful unknown] or ‘Gods’ [numerous but powerful unknown] must be responsible for all the mysterious discovery within our planet- the un-falling sky and the beginning of this world, the unknowns and unanswerable questions, how the human race began and how HE, HIMself began..

‘Since no different man can imagine like one man’

We all in total disagreement with each other’s answer to the mysterious discovery around our planet, have unanimously submitted that a powerful unknown [God] or numerous powerful unknown [gods] must be behind these mysteries.

And so, Human in search of Answers and Peace have tapped authority from the above ‘submitted’ to create mediums to acknowledge either of the POWERS.

Talk about ways of worship.

# ‘Cosmoe Belief’ walking out singing aloud#

God is one.
Gods are numerous.
God is unknown,
Gods are unknown,
God is jealous
Gods are jealous

Gods are imagined/seen
God is an unseen

Gods are numerous, each said to selfish,
Struggles in competitions.

God is one, said to be peaceful in his realm,
So has no competitors.

Akpos jumps up from his mattress, ran inside and spoke out from a peep,

Akpos; Who told you all this?.

Ekaeta worried about why Akpos ran away from the answer to his own question and she decided to ask this one more question, maybe when answered will bring him back.

Ekaeta; Haven’t we but witness Good and Bad?
Who is responsible and why do you think so?.

# Cosmoe hides#

Audience over to you.


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