Agony Of A Barren Woman.


It was in their fifth year without a child after their white wedding.

Love and passionate affection made them overcome wariness and mockery from outside and within their church congregation.
This prompted Pastor and Mrs. Ibem for child adoption.

With her darling’s assertion Ifeoluwa brought home two kids of her choice from a motherless home.
Who would have imagined unrest for the once lovely couple?
Henry was so happy to see the kids she brought, not too long for he discovered a mark on the little girl letter named Juliet, he frowned and ordered that she be returned immediately.

The effect afterward was disagreement.
Perplexed Ifeoluwa only agreed to return the her only if Henry gives her reasons to do so.
The peace of the family went down years after both couple remained hardened.
Henry started behaving unusual: ate in canteens instead of his matrimonial home; distanced himself from the family; lost his respect for human dignity in that he humiliates all who came his way; worst of all, insatiable love making, which most times turns out to be horrible and weird.

She left all to God, praying and watching her now-strange husband, she cried all night and sometimes he joined her and murmurs of life been cruel.

Was it a prayer answered or a new tragic twist on juliet’s 12th year birthday party? Her new mom hosted all the members of God’s Grace church who could attend.
At the heat of the celebration, he came in though tired, exhausted and needed sleep, staggered his way into the guest room and stopped in surprise, caught a gaze at the 12 year old girl in santa attire.
Obviously he was amazed at what he saw.
He hurried into the congregation, grabbed Juliet tight pushed her towards a decorated wall and made his hands for his pocket, bringing out a digital photo camera and ordered a fellow who took snap shots of a father and his daughter.

Surprised! Yes,
The surprise got tensed, day by day, months evolved and years passed by.
He got closer and closer to Juliet.
Ifeoluwa was happy to see her family united once more.
It was really a prayer answered,
Henry got so fond of Juliet that he drove her around town: to school; his own business functions; ceremonies and shopping-malls.
Such trips means new clothes, beverages, flowers, Teddy bear and ice creams for Juliet.
They had been spotted in beaches and cinemas on many occasion, until people began to call Juliet ‘Dad’s Wife’.

I the eye of many it was a taboo to see juliet sit on podiums in the church with Pastor Henry Ibem instead of Mrs Ibem, yet she was pleased to see her family happy.

A relief came when Juliet found finally fall in love.
Emmaus a school friend of Jimmy (juliet’s adopted brother) spotted Juliet in Henry’s car, while leaving her school for home.
He stalked and traced Juliet to Jimmy’s house.

He said to himself
“now that I know he is the elder sister to my own best friend, jimmy.
Should I give up this damsel?”

He did not only maneuver his way into Juliet’s heart but to the entire household.
He almost made Pastor Henry’s house his home, he said to him
“don’t sit here to wait for Jimmy, STOP seeing Juliet in my house, I know she’s NOT your FRIEND, among my two children, its jimmy that is your friend so I expect you to wait for Jimmy your friend outside my house without Juliet”
Ifeoluwo had supported her husband on this, for fear of intimacy.

When the house was no longer a place to play, talk and dance with her love,
when the house became too bore, and Henry became a threat to Juliet’s happiness; Emmaus.
Amidst all this inconvenience from daughter to father and father to daughter,
Juliet left the house for her happiness.

This finally threw the heart of a man away from Pastor Henry Ibem, as he abandoned his pastoral work for weakness.

Mrs. Ibem was the confused person at the centre of all these.
She was perplexed at why her husband has chosen to be the ‘woo man version’ of a man since Juliet came into the house.
“Why should I have returned Juliet?

She remained kind to her dying husband!
She came inside Pastor Ibem’s room, to talk comfort when she noticed her husband was weeping over two pictures.

The first picture was that of Late Christy wearing a santa dress.
Christy was her best friend who was pierced dead on Ifeoluwa’s wedding day by an unknown person(s);

The second picture was Juliet, on her birthday wearing santa dress.

Henry confessed to killing Christy when she threatened never to sit and watch him get married to her best friend, when she had a few month old daughter for him.

He said
“I can’t help taking Juliet for her, Christy is Juliet’s mother, I promised to love her, she is gone with my life again
“I lost contact with Christy whom i loved so much as she went into hiding to protect her pregnancy and my status in church
“I advised her to abort the unborn baby so we can have a white wedding.
I waited for her, I taught she died during abortion only to appear on the eve to our wedding with a daughter for me.
“I killed her out of anger. I realized I just murdered a human being…I pleaded God for forgiveness and I promised to take good care our daughter; Juliet. I took her to a far motherless home after giving her that mark at her back.
“Am sorry I’m a murderer, I lied, but now I see my late for Christy in Juliet”


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