Christmas times on Campus


Hilarious, but it was during injury time on campus.
The campus was gradually getting dry of activities and students, we had just finished all the Christmas carol and it was time to drag bags home.

Christmas is here ones again, nobody disputes the fact that they is money scarcity And security challenge in nigeria; Subsidy mess and boko haram bombing.

Christmas is the time all tom Dick and harry in school finds their root to their fro or visit parks, zoo, aunts, uncles and friends.

But what are these students still doing on campus?
What are student still doing in school by this time of christmas holiday, run a questionnaire and be deafened by the response you get.

‘I don’t want to go yet’

‘Home will be boring’

‘I don’t want to be engaged in any transit this Period of time’

Lie, the facts remain that this set of people are dame broke to even reach out to their parents and friends via a phone call.
This group I belong to,

Lucky me.
Today I received a credit alert from my bank, my uncle wants me to pay him a christmas visit, I was so so happy, I rushed to the bank withdraw the cash, kept my transport fare aside in a locked pocket and said to my self

“I needed to eat my last meal on campus so I won’t die of starvation in the bus, a packet of indomie noodles will do”,

“I also need a new pair of shoe, o no! Let me buy a new slippers. Or else I will run out of cash”

“I don’t have kerosene to boil my noodles”,

Buying this oil today, my transport fare will surfer a set back.
I taught for a while and I remembered Hamza, yes he will even be happy to share his kerosene with me so I share my indomie with him, in happiness I came back to my lodge.

It only took me a show of my indomie to get Hamza asking me to cook on his stove.

Hunger is powerful, you can guess the Speed it took both of us to get the noodles boiling.

we went inside and discussed on how best to eat the indomie, I suggested we eat it with soaked garry as usual, but he needed it with something more solid -hunger bad o.

No minute passes without us perceiving the aroma of the indomie on fire, we had added enough water to make the indomie swell big and had added good quantity of pepper to check either of us from eating faster.

At a point we agreed to eat the indomie with garri.
I came outside to buy #20 garri but discovered our shoes including my new slippers have been kidnapped, Hamza and I ran outside the gate but saw no thief but an old woman.

‘Woman if na joke, stop em, we need our christmas shoe here and now’

we were close to beating the poor woman up when we remembered our Indomie noodles would soon burn dry on fire, with fast pace we ran back into the lonely lodge,

Do you want to know what we saw?

We saw nothing, we were already lying down panting and asking each other

“But we left the stove, pot and indomie here”


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