Joke: Okpeh Vs Akpos! Who Badt Pass.


Akpos have been parading himself around town as the most badt guy on the street until he met Okpeh. Read the rest of this entry


The Fate Of A Twist


Recently, I wrote in an interactive Novel on a friend’s blog. Here is the amazing story I wrote for her

Dark skinned, tall with a pair of sky blue eyes on a smooth baby face perfectly seated on a long slim neck, pumped out of a beautiful broad shoulder adored with a portable set of breasts, whose perky nipples Read the rest of this entry

Agony Of A Barren Woman.


It was in their fifth year without a child after their white wedding.

Love and passionate affection made them overcome wariness and mockery from outside and within their church congregation.
This prompted Pastor and Mrs. Ibem for child adoption.

With her darling’s assertion Ifeoluwa brought home two kids of her choice from a motherless home.
Who would have imagined unrest for the once lovely couple? Read the rest of this entry